Here at CBD Hemp World, we are determined to conduct the best customer service possible. The difference between us and your gas station or smoke shop CBD products is that we are not here to make the sale. We would not put something out on the shelves that we would not use ourselves, and that is a promise. We want to make sure that you know what you are buying and we want you to find the best method of consumption for you personally. 

We treat each customer as a human being and aim to provide a personalized experience for each individual that walks through our doors! With our wide variety of products, we are able to provide many remedies for a number of everyday health concerns. 

When the 2018 Farm Bill removed hemp from the list of Schedule 1 controlled substances, farming hemp became a really hot ticket item for farmers nationwide. As part of the farm bill, it is important to educate the public with the proper assessment of all the potential health benefits that can be derived from hemp.

Everyone has an endocannabinoid system as part of their body's natural healing system. Everyday science advances in learning how specific cannabinoids affect the body in order to better understand the potential benefits and identify the specific mechanisms by which our body utilizes the phytocannabinoids found in hemp.

With that being said, we are not trained/educated/licensed in the medical field, so we are not able to tell you for a fact that something will or will not work. Many of the employees and customers that use our products have direct testimonials of the benefits on their condition and we shape our guidance based on those testimonials. 


People often ask, "Why don't I feel anything?" after consuming a hemp-derived product and our saying is "It's not about what you are feeling, it is about what you are not feeling."