What type of products do we have?



Topicals are cannabis-infused oils, balms, & lotions that are used for local pain relief. Mainly used for soreness & inflammation. We also recommend this type of product for scars/incisions or healing cuts. It is also good for muscle pain and soreness. 




We have lots of different things to help you add some bling to your usage of our products. We have rolling trays, jars for buds, grinders, water pipes, lighters, ashtrays, etc. We also sell batteries for cartridges.




Tinctures, commonly called "hemp oil", whole hemp plant extract mixed with a carrier oil such as hemp seed oil, or coconut oil. 

Tinctures are taken sublingually, under the tongue. There are many blood vessels under the tongue and so this is one of the fastest ways to get a large dose in your body. 

A daily tincture is a great way to affect a chronic health concern. 

Delta 8 THC

"Isn't THC illegal?" you might ask, but we are here to tell you what the deal is with Delta 8 THC. (For a more in-depth explanation of the science and educational aspects of Delta 8 THC, please visit the website attached to the left of this blurb!)

Raw Flower


Our raw hemp flower is of the highest quality that the state of Wisconsin has available. We purchase from local & statewide farmers. We also have a wide variety of different strains to give as many options as possible!


We have various products such as hemp smokes, keif, pre-rolled joints, and moonrocks.




We have a wide assortment of gummies to choose from with different milligrams of CBD in them. We also carry seasonal edible products such as suckers, rice crispies, brownies, cookies, and more! 


Delta 8 THC is another cannabinoid derived from the cannabis plant. Although having "THC" in the name, the cannabinoid was taken off the list of controlled substances back when the Hemp Farming Act of 2018 bill was passed at a national level. Delta 9 THC is still a schedule 1 controlled substance and is still illegal in the state of Wisconsin

Delta 8 THC is legal in 42 states including the state of Wisconsin and is being utilized more and more each day to provide a legal alternative for those who may be using Delta 9 THC. 

The best way to describe the difference between hemp and Delta 8 THC is that you will still get the same health benefits as you would while consuming hemp, but you will additionally feel euphoria and experience the smoker's contentment. It is important to note that you will
 not get the full-blown psychoactive effects as you would when consuming the Delta 9 THC.

We currently only have Delta 8 Cartridges (No carrier oils added & Naturally infused with high-quality terpenes) but we are looking to add gummies and tinctures! Stay tuned on our social media for those updates!